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New blog, new car and new job soon hopefully

I finally just said screw it and decided to make Anti-Code a blog, that has a lot of cool side projects as a separate thing. I needed a place to talk about those things after all right?! I have lots of updates since my last post on New2wp too.

I no longer own

This was hard to accept for me, since I had so many things on that site, so much time and effort put into making it a fully functional blog, forum, hangout, multiple portfolios, sub-sites, and more. I was so mad to find out it had expired on me and I was never notified before it did so I could have a chance to renew it. It was then bought by someone else and parked. I could buy it back, for like $60 which is retarded, but it is worth a couple thousand. I have moved on though.

I no longer work at Isobar / Roundarch Isobar

Yes, I was sad to find this out too. I am currently looking for a new job since I was laid off from my job at Isobar at the end of August. I worked on some really cool things there, such as sports performance sites, Samsung’s Olympic Genome Project, and a couple other pretty cool things too. I helped convert the company’s Frontend Coding Standards page to HTML5, and learned a lot about Canvas, JavaScript, CSS, and building really amazing apps and sites.

It is still hard to believe I don’t work there anymore. But on to the next great thing I suppose, I got a new vape so I had to go out and buy a 510 thread battery for it and some cartridges before the next appointment.

I have a new car

Yes, I bought it the day before I lost my job. That part sucks, but the car is pretty nice. It’s a Mazda S6 2004. Nice sound system in it too, and it’s entirely legal and drivable too :)

It’s not that I need to let people know I’m looking for a new job since I think everyone in the world has already contacted me in some way or another. I mean seriously. There’s no shortage for work doing frontend development, that’s for damn sure. I’m waiting patiently to hear back from one company in particular, and also talking to many others which seem to really want me bad. I’m not too worried about being able to find a new job, but I’m a little weary of choosing one that I won’t be happy at. I was very happy at Isobar, and doubt I’ll find a place as fun and enjoyable, but it’s not impossible.

Either way, here’s my LinkedIn profile and also my resume if you’re interested in my abilities and particular skillset. I’m interested in frontend development and looking for a full-time position only. No contracts, or part-time please.

The next post will be more interesting I promise. I just needed to get this set up and clear some things up.

First post

This is a sample post.